About Us

Maharaja Tent, as the very name of our company signifies, we are one of the leading tent manufacturers based in India. We have expertise in designing and crafting all types of tents, from garden tents, canopy tents, shikar tents, and safari tents to royal tents, luxury tents, wedding tents, resort tents, and much more. Headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India), we utilise the skill and talent of locals residing and settled in the city to bring forth a wide gamut of impressive and robust quality tents, catering to each and every customer’s needs and requirements.

We take pride in our collection of tents, which are available in a great variety of designs, dimensions, colours, materials, sizes, prints, and finishes, allowing our customers to select as per their preference from an exhaustive range.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Crafted With Love and Passion: At Maharaja Tent, every single tent symbolises artistic work of craftsmanship. Designed and developed by experienced and skillful artisans, every piece of canvas cut and every welded piece of steel denotes a form of art.
  • Robust Enough to Face Real-world Situations: Mother nature can be fickle at times. Having a shelter above our heads will protect guests from rain, scorching sun rays, or even tiny bugs. All our tents are designed and developed with utmost care and diligence, making sure there are no unwanted intrusions to the ceremony. While we employ modern engineering and technology for the work, we also stick to old techniques and stay true to our roots. 
  • An Eye for Detail: We believe in taking extra time to focus on the small things, to prevent big things from happening. Our exhaustive quality check ensures that even the smallest glitch in manufacturing gets picked up, and the product leaves the factory only after it is 100% fine. We want your tents to be perfect for when they get to you. 
  • Value for Money: We understand that getting a great deal on a tent can make your day. Therefore, as a reputed tent manufacturer, we offer various deals and offers on our tents. From Maharaja Tent, you can get a variety of tents at a very affordable price. Above all, there is no compromise in quality.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We strive hard to offer impeccable customer service, even after the purchase of the product. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. 
  • Devoted: This is not just a job for us, but a passion. We truly love and enjoy what we do, and that reflects in our product. 

We Give You Free Rein to Make the Event Your Own

With our tents, you can enjoy freer rein to curate the type of event and experience you want. You can easily create multiple spaces within the tent to allow for both form and function. Speaking of form, the beauty of our tents is that they come in all designs and dimensions, so you don’t feel muffled in any way. Regardless of the number of guests, you plan to host, with us, there will always be a tent size that can accommodate it. Our tents are known for serving all your purposes while bringing an element of exclusivity to the occasion.

We Understand Your Love for Art and Aesthetics

Maharaja Tent is your one-stop shop for all your event rental needs. While you are on our website, we request you to check out our wide selection of tents and accessories. Or better, get in touch with us; we are ready to help you plan and execute your next event! To satiate your love for art and aesthetics, we offer you ways to accessorise your tents.

  • Lighting can elevate the charm of any event, and we offer a few options to make your tent shine and shimmer. From chandeliers to bistro lighting, our creative lighting accessories give you the flexibility and option to make your event shine bright.
  • Flooring is an important addition, practically and aesthetically speaking! Depending on the atmosphere you wish to create for an occasion, we have flooring rentals to suit your needs and preferences.

A Team of Professionals at Your Service

We work with the ideology that a properly designed tent is not a random canvas. It should offer optimised orientation, requisite privacy and an overall ambience, making the experience harmonious and relaxing.

To serve you well, we have a team of experts at your disposal to help you curate the perfect tent site that you envision.

  • Architects to help you with your plan
  • Designers to help you pick the right tent for the event/occasion
  • Experts to walk you through the whole process of setting up the tent
  • Integrating all aspects to picking the optimal tents and lodges for a harmonious and relaxing landscape

Our Belief

We understand that our clients are investing in their business by purchasing high-quality structures, so the proven performance of the frame and covers holds significant importance. Our structures are built to last long and perform with high endurance, whether for a tent hire business, a royal wedding venue, or river-side camping. We offer continued customer assistance and support long after the sale and take great pride in maintaining the good relationships we have built with our clients.

Throw Us a Challenge

With years of expertise and an innovative approach to manufacture tents, we boast our ability to design bespoke tents as well, as per the requirements of our clients. Our services, combined with our ability to produce customised tents, truly set us apart. With each new stitch and every new tent, we are making the world our canvas. 

Our tents are a miracle of engineering. With a couple of pounds of nylon and aluminium, we have a shelter ready that can withstand just about anything; rain, sun, bugs, and even cold waves. And with each year passing by, we have been able to push the envelope even further, finding new ways to cut weight, or create more stability, pushing the limits of what we can achieve with less. 

To better understand, browse through our range of innovative and unique tents and see for yourself.